Discover Imzy: the new app that brings communities together!

Imzy is a fresh new social platform that’s growing more each day! Imzy’s goal is to bring all kinds of diverse users and healthy communities together in one app.


Let’s try it together!

Imzy is available for free on the App Store and on Google Play.

When you begin your Imzy experience, you will have to sign up. Nothing very complicated, Imzy just asks for the usual basic information. But here’s where Imzy sets itself apart: users choose different usernames for the different communities they join. You can be whoever you want to be, depending on the community, and share things in line with what you love.

To find communities to be a part of, you’ll pick a few topics you enjoy. There’s lots of room to explore, with topics ranging anywhere from Art & Design to Animals to Spirituality.

According to what you choose, Imzy will suggest communities to join that you may like.

Now, your experience begins!

All the community content that you selected will appear in your home feed. You can like or comment on each post and you can also create posts within communities. The extra feature that makes the difference is that you can create your own community and manage it.


Imzy wants to focus more on communities than on content. Today, the Imzy community is getting bigger and bigger and the company just raised $8 million.

According to TechCrunch, over 50,000 people have started to use Imzy, resulting in 6,000 Imzy communities already! Community members discuss a wide range of topics: relationships, games, books, politics, and more.

The company wanted to create a dedicated place for “healthy conversations”,  where community members could discuss topics without facing harassment or abuse.

Out of beta!

Imzy has just come out of private beta! Our team at PLUS QA had the pleasure of testing their iOS and Android apps before the official launch. Imzy’s flexible platform and multiple identities approach created some extra challenges for us when creating test cases and executing testing, but we always enjoy new challenges and working with products that introduce something new to the scene.

Congratulations to our friends at Imzy on the successful release!

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