Riviera Build: the new Mobile Apps distribution tool

Choosing the right mobile apps distribution tool

Of all the tools we use for app testing on a day to day basis, mobile build distribution can be time consuming and difficult. We have used a variety of different tools, TestFlight and Hockey App being a couple of the more popular. This year, TestFlight has become even more challenging to use with the need for testers to connect to the app with Apple ID credentials. The process of developers needing to enter in device UDID can often slow down the start of a test cycle and provide headaches for project managers. One solution that we have found is a tool called Riviera Build.


Riviera Build

Riviera Build is a tool that came out this year that helps to remedy many of these issues. The tool eliminates the need for the client to gather UDID and user account info. Instead clients can upload there build and generate a unique URL to share with testers. This URL can be protected with a randomly generated password to ensure the security of sharing a beta version of a mobile app. Also developers can set a time limit on the build URL, so that it will expire and no longer be valid after that set time. The downloading process is simple and quick for our testers to use and works for both iOS and Android platforms.

Slack Integration

Riviera Build can also be integrated in to Slack so that daily automated build links are sent to a build channel for the entire team to use. This can prevent testers and project managers from having to track down a developer to find out what the newest build is. It is also very convenient to have a place where links to previous builds or releases can be found.

Riviera build has several pay platforms for any sized team. Plans currently are as follows:
$5 per month for the Prototyper plan that includes 10 uploads per month

$59 per month for a Large plan: 500 uploads max per month

$99 per month for a XXL plan: 500 uploads max per month (100MB build size limit)

More info can be found at their website: http://rivierabuild.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rivierabuild/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rivierabuild/