BetaCrash: a quick and simple solution to distributing mobile apps

This week we launched our new mobile application platform called BetaCrash, previously known as Riviera Build. We have redesigned and improved the user interface and the functionality of the platform. This allows engineers to quickly distribute their iOS and Android builds throughout development process. A simple link is all testers will need to get started with testing.

As a testing company our goal is to provide solutions not only for testers, but also for developers to easily share builds with their team. BetaCrash includes a new interface and a list of improved functionality such as Xcode integration and Slack integration.
With BetaCrash you can organize multiple apps, track the history of every build and restrict access to builds with password protection and limited build availability.

We are already working on the next version and can’t wait to share even more new features to improve and facilitate the QA and development process.

You can visit to learn more or sign up for a free trial HERE.

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